Participants and Collaborators

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Liverwort cuties in Chicago!

Founders and coordinators of the Early Land Plants Today project:

Matt von Konrat - Dept. of Botany, The Field Museum, Chicago, USA

Lars Söderström - Department of Biology, NTNU, Norway 

Anders Hagborg - Dept. of Botany, The Field Museum, Chicago, USA

Current and past eesearch and web assistants Linus Gog - Dept. of Botany, The Field Museum, Chicago, USA; Zak Zillen - Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, USA; Kimmy Mighell - Dept. of Botany, The Field Museum, Chicago

The following collaborators and participants have provided data and information of various forms towards a preliminary data set that forms the foundation of the project, and working towards our primary objective of producing a worldwide checklist of liverworts and hornworts.

David Long (Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland); Jiri Vana (Charles University, Department of Botany, Czech Republic); Matt Renner (University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia); Robbert Gradstein (University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany); Rui-Liang Zhu (East China Normal University, Shanghai, China); Chris Cargill (Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, Canberra, Australia); Daniela Schill (Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland); Juan Carlos Villarreal A. (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut, CT, USA); Elizabeth Brown (University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia); Barbara Crandall-Stotler and Raymond Stotler (Southern Illinois University, Illinois, U.S.A.), Gregorio Dauphin (Missouri Botanical Gardens, Missouri, U.S.A.), John E. Braggins (Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand), David Glenny (Landcare Research, New Zealand), Jochen Heinrichs (University of Göttingen, Germany), Aino Juslén (University of Helsinki, Finland), Robert Magill (Missouri Botanical Gardens, Missouri, U.S.A.), David Meagher (University of Melbourne), Sinikka Piippo (University of Helsinki, Finland), Tamás Pócs (Eszterházy College, Hungary), Elena Reiner-Drehwald (University of Göttingen, Germany), Li Zhang (The University of Hong Kong), and Dulip Daniels (Scott Christian College, India).